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5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

It’s again that time of the year, the kids that were in uniform and surrounded by rules and regulations will finally be free. The twelve years of schooling and school life is finally over and every kid is eagerly waiting to fly in this new world of curiosity and independence and it all starts with one place that is college. College is the place where everything lies all your dreams and new things that you always wanted it’s the place where you worked so hard to be, it’s finally here. It might be scary but always remember this was your final destination and you worked these twelve years for this only. College is not like school it’s not a place where you will be strained.. this is not the place where you will be reduced to rules and regulations you can almost do anything that you want and anything includes doing makeup and wearing all that you wanted that was locked in your cupboard for the all this while. Here I am sharing a list of 5 Makeup essentials for College girls.

Alovera Gel

5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

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We will start with something that is part of nature and is healthy for your skin. Use a little aloe vera gel or primer to start with as a base for rest of your make-up. It refreshes your skin and lets your make up last for long hours. Make sure you use chilled aloe vera gel as it is best to keep the skin fresh.


5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

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Didn’t sleep last night due to the excitement of college? Don’t worry just put on some eyeliner and it would be like you slept the whole night in peace. Just put a tape near your eye line and get those fabulous winged eyes that will give you the power to fly. Make sure to use long-lasting eyeliner so that you don’t have to carry one with you the whole day with you. You can also use K=kajal in place of it.


5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

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You don’t need the heavy foundation just a light foundation with medium coverage will give you a flawless cover up to all your little imperfections. Or you can replace this with a little BB Cream and is even pocket-friendly. It’s best if you have uneven complexion one your face or if your skin lacks moisture it’ll help you with that too. Use your hands or a beauty blender to apply it on your face.

Lip Balm

5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

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Got chappy lips? Unevenly colored? Be it summer or winter you always need a lip balm. Use a lip balm which has a little color that will give lips a natural-looking color that lasts very long be sure you put very little of it as it has a very dark color. Keep it in your purse as it comes off if you eat so do a little touch up whenever needed.


5 Makeup Essentials For College Girls

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Summers gets everyone sweety and messy, don’t worry it’s just not you. Worried that it will ruin all the make up you did? That’s exactly where you need compact, whenever you wanna look fresh just dab a little foundation your face and look fresh in seconds.

All these products will cost you less than 2000 rupees and will you last for two to three months best investment in yourself you can get this stuff as a present for getting into your college.

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