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5 Myths Debunked About Conditioners

People have many myths regarding conditioner. Here are 5 myths debunked about conditioners. Conditioners are the thing we all use after shampooing our hair. But there are many people who believe in some popular myths about conditioners and are not having most out of it. Lets begin with the myths people believe about it-

Source: Reader’s Digest

1- Conditioners work more if kept for long.

Conditioners are the liquid which is applied to your hair to make them smoother and give them lustre. Mostly people have a belief that if they with keep it for a longer time on their hair, they would get more benefit of it and only then it will work.


It is not true. Conditioners are the instantly working agent. If you apply it on hair and leave for 2-3 minutes it will show you the results within this time period. You would not need to keep it longer than the 2-3 minutes time frame. This myth about conditioners is thus not true.

2. Conditioners are the reason of hairfall.

Another common myth about conditioners is that it is responsible fir hair fall. People don’t use conditioners or avoid using it regularly because they believe if they will do so, they will lose their hair rapidly.


The myth is again just a false belief. Hairfall occurs because many reasons. Some if them could be your diet, use of gadgets, your health conditions, your daily routine etc. All these factors are truly responsible for your hair fall. If you are one of them who is having hairfall and believing that it is because of your conditioner, stop believing it. Conditioners in fact helps you in building up your hair and prevents them getting tangled. The conditioners make them smoother and thus prevents breakage when you comb your hair.

3. Conditioners are the reason to make your hair thin

Most of the girls believe that they are losing their thickness of hair strands because of the usage if conditioners. For this reason they avoid using conditioners in their hair.


The myth is false. Conditioners are responsible to give extra strength to your hair. Ut doesn’t reduce the thickness of your hair. You might be having thinning of hair due to other factors. If you are getting such problem you should consult a hair specialist for your problem.

4. Conditioners should be used in scalp

Many girls believe that if they will use conditioners on their scalp then only it would work in hair. So they put the conditioners in scalp and regularly follow this practice.


The Conditioners are made for your hair not for your scalp. For scalp you already have shampoos. Applying conditioners on scalp is not that you should follow. Every conditioners brand provides you some instructions on the bottle. You should read that instruction and apply as per it. If only it is mentioned in the bottle to apply conditioner on the scalp then you use it on your scalp. Otherwise, conditioners should be applied from mid length of hair to the tips.

5. Conditioners and shampoo of different brands can be used together.

The most common mistakes every girl makes is to use different brand shampoo and conditioners together.


In shampoo and conditioners different elements are added to make them more suitable for particular purpose. Brands do their own research and prepare products on the basis of their research. The ingredients of shampoo and conditioners are kept to keep the balance with each other. If you use different brand products together then there may be some product or element which should not be used together and may turn into a harm to your hair. So it is advised to always apply same brand shampoo and conditioner together. These were 5 common myths which most of the people believe about conditioners. Now, never risk your hair because of such myths.

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