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How To Remove Pimple Marks Effectively

As if pimples are not annoying enough that they leave even more annoying pimple marks behind but don’t worry we got you. I have experimented with many do it yourself scrubs and face masks to get rid of my pimple marks and have finally got the best of my experiments. With the help of the wizard of the internet Google and the wizard of my family – my grandmother and I have developed a three-step skin care routine that helps with pimple marks and works like magic. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Here I will tell you how to remove pimple marks effectively. From pimple marks to blemishes we got a remedy for everything and everyone. The easy three-step home remedy for all your concerns from my kitchen to yours.

How To Remove Pimple Marks Effectively

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1- Neem and Lemon Scrub

How To Remove Pimple Marks Effectively
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Azadirachta indica better known as neem in India is the most effective cure for pimple marks. Lemon is a particularly well-known antioxidant and cleans the body inside out and combined with neem it becomes even more effective.


– 5-6 drops lemon juice
– 10 neem leaves paste
– 1 spoon sugar
– 1 spoon honey


Mix all the ingredient together and softly scrub on your skin for two minutes and let it rest for ten minutes. After ten minutes remove wash your face with preferably cold water.

2- Baking Soda and Aloe vera Face Pack

How To Remove Pimple Marks Effectively
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It’s a very cheap ingredient which is easily found in any kitchen and has multiples uses. Baking soda is full of sodium bicarbonate crystals which help in exfoliating impurities and pimple marks from the face. With baking soda, we combine aloe vera which is full skin nourishing vitamins which help to moisturise skin.


– 1 tsp baking soda
– 1 spoon baking powder
–  1 spoon of aloe vera gel
– 5 tsp water


Mix all the ingredients together except baking soda and make a smooth paste. Now add baking soda to the paste and apply on the skin as a mask for twenty-five minutes. Wash your face with ice-cold water.

3- Rosewater

How To Remove Pimple Marks Effectively
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For the last step, I would strongly suggest using cold rose-water as a toner for the skin as it will lock the benefits of the scrub and the face pack. You can buy it from the market or easily prepare at home too.


– 30  Rose petals
– 1/2 litre Water


Take both the ingredients and boil them together for thirty minutes. Keep it in the fridge and apply diluted water with a cotton ball.
Follow this procedure a minimum of 3 times a week to see quick results.

Some tips to avoid pimples –

Coconut Oil

Over this 3 step pimple marks removal technique I would suggest applying some coconut oil on your skin before going to bed as it helps in avoiding pimples and help in reducing pimple marks too.

Ice Cubes

Also in summers rub ice cubs on your face.

Vitamin – E

Vitamin E is good for your health and skin. Take a good dose of vitamin – E tablet.

Sun Screen

Sun rays are harming your skin everyday. Use sunscreen before leaving the house on a summer day.
These were the tips you can use to remove pimple marks from your skin and to avoid pimples on your face. Now you know how to remove pimple marks from your skin. So, don’t wait anymore and keep your skin healthy.
Namrata Randhawa
Namrata is an eight-teen year old aspiring YouTuber. She is pursuing journalism right now. She loves cooking and writing, two things that go best together.

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