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Do’s And Don’ts Of The Next Lunar Eclipse In July 2018 (Red Blood Moon)

This 27-28th July or earth is going to witness longest lunar eclipse of this century of 1 hour and 43 minutes. The eclipse will be visible from South Africa, eastern Africa, the Middle East and central Asia, in India, it will be visible from 11:54 pm (Indian Standard Time) on July 27.  Alignment of the sun and the earth with the passing of the moon causes a lunar eclipse. Last lunar eclipse was on 31st January and was regarded as “super blue blood moon” while this time’s lunar eclipse would leave a “red blood moon”, later this month. This cycle of the moon is very powerful and can leave severe impacts on the human body as dangerous gases are released during this period. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of the next Lunar Eclipse In July 2018 that should be kept in mind.

Do's And Don'ts Of The Next Lunar Eclipse In July 2018 (Red Blood Moon)

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Don’t’s of Next Lunar eclipse in July 2018-

  1. Don’t eat anything during this period as mentioned above dangerous gases are expelled during a lunar eclipse and can turn food that you take into poison.
  2. Don’t leave your house during this period, prefer staying home.
  3. Don’t look at the eclipse with the naked eye.
  4. Pregnant women strictly should not eat or get out of the house as it can leave a negative impact on the unborn child.
  5. Avoid sleeping during this period.
  6. Women should leave their hair down and should not use hair ties.
  7. Avoid using sharp or pointy objects.
  8. Don’t take oil baths or massages during this period.
  9. Don’t make important deals during this period as it will end up in failure, especially for astrologers.
  10. Don’t cook anything during this period.

Do’s of Next Lunar eclipse in July 2018-

  1. If you want to look at the lunar eclipse do it with glasses on or through a pinhole camera as mentioned above that lunar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes.
  2. Take a bath before and after the lunar eclipse, especially women on their period.
  3. Donate rice, grain, jaggery or oil equal to your weight to an organization working for a social cause as it will help you with your health problems.
  4. Recite mantras for success as at this time the mantras get more powerful.
  5. Freshly cooked food must be consumed once the eclipse is over.
  6. A bath should be taken with clothes on.
  7. We should indulge in praying and worshiping God at this particular time.
  8. Remember your deceased one during this period and offer water in their remembrance.
  9. Don’t forget to do good deeds on the day of the lunar eclipse as it will give you a lot of blessings.

A day like this comes once in a lifetime, you and I are extremely lucky to be alive at such a time. These rules and rituals are prescribed by our Vedas and should be followed for prosperous and a healthy life.

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