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How To Lock Aadhar Biometrics Data

Digitalisation has changed the life completely. One of the major step to bring digitalisation in India was the introduction of aadhar card system. Aadhar card is compulsory for every resident of India, otherwise they would not be able to enjoy some important services like banking etc. Aadhar card is generated for every individual after taking their important information and biometric details. This aadhar data is stored in aadhar’s official database. All the information which is stored in aadhar’s database is sensitive as its the proof of a person’s identity. Growing hacking practices have increased the danger of getting your information hacked. This information may be misused by anyone if got hacked. If you are worried about getting your data misused, we have a solution for you. Here we tell you how to lock your aadhar biometrics data.

How to lock aadhar biometrics data

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How to lock aadhar biometrics data

Saving your biometric data from unauthorized use is actually possible, all you need to do is lock aadhar biometric data. You can easily lock your aadhar data by following these steps-

How to lock aadhar biometrics data

1- Open your browser and visit this website-

2- It will take you to aadhar website on biometric lock page, where it will ask your aadhar number. Enter your 12 digit aadhar number.

3- Enter the security code or captcha which appears in the pop up.

4- Generate OTP ( one time password). It will send this OTP to your registered mobile number with aadhar.

5- Enter the OTP received through SMS on your registered mobile number.

6- Tick the check box of enable biometric lock. Now your biometric data will get locked and won’t get used until you unlock it.

How does it works?

Enabling aadhar biometric data will lock your data use and authentication. Whenever your your fingerprints will be taken for aadhar verification to any service, it will show 330 error which means biometric data is locked. You won’t be able to use biometric authorisations after locking the data. However, if you want to use it you can easily unlock aadhar biometric data. This will help you to restrict the use of your biometric details.

Only online method is available to lock/unlock aadhar biometric data. Your registered mobile number is mandatory to enjoy this facility. If you haven’t yet registered your mobile number with aadhar, Visit your nearest enrolment centre to register it.

Unlocking aadhar biometric data is as easy as it was to lock. Unlocking it will allow you to use your biometric data again whenever you want to verify aadhar number with some service. Here are the steps to follow-


1- Click this link-

2- Enter your 12 digit aadhar number to enter the unlock page.

3- enter the captcha code appeared on screen.

4- Generate OTP and enter it which you will receive on your mobile number.

5- Click disable aadhar biometric data lock.

Now it will unlock your aadhar biometric data. After unlocking you would be able to use it for authorisations in various services.

In a hurry??

Watch here how to Lock aadhar biometric data


Watch How to unlock Aadhar biometric data-

These were the methods by which you can easily lock/unlock aadhar biometrics data online and keep your data safe. Please feel free to share your views on it.

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