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Lok Sabha Election Results 2019: India’s Most Awaited Results Are Going To Be Announced Today

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019, is the Most awaited result for India. Everyone’s eyes are on Election 2019 Results. Results will be out today at 08:00 am. Everyone is waiting for the results and curious to know who’s going to be the next Prime minister of India in 2019. These Lok Sabha Election 2019 Results will decide it.

Thursday at 08:00 am when counting of the election of Lok Sabha 2019 will begin and the results will be announced, fates of many would be decided. Around 8000 candidates have participated in the elections 2019 for 542 Lok Sabha Seats. It went to polls from April 2019.

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019: India's Most Awaited Results Are Going To Be Announced Today
Image Source: Business Today

On 23rd May 2019, with Results of Lok Sabha Election 2019, fates of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi would get decided, which is going to be the most controversial result as well.

Elections were conducted for about 39 days(6 weeks) in seven phases for 542 constituencies. The process was done in under strict surveillance of camera and security.

67.11% Voters in Lok Sabha Election Result 2019

In 2019 Election Result, Around 67.11% voting rate is noted. It is the first time in the hiostory when such high rate was observed in the voting in India.

First Time Counting of 2019 Election Result on EVM with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) slips

This is the First time when 2019 Election result votes will be counted on Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) Slips. This will be done in 5 polling stations of each assembly of a parliamentary constituency. As per the data, this EVM-VVPAT matching will be done in around 20,600 polling stations out of 10.3 polling stations of India.

In case any mismatch is found, the result of the paper slip will be considered as final result. As per the EC officials, that this matching can take an additional 4- 5 hours, consequentially the Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 may be announced on tomorrow.

18 Lakh Service Voters

There are around 18 lakh voters in India which are service voters. These include central security force to police officers on duty which are assigned duty out of their constituency. Indians working in the Indian embassy in different countries also comes under Service Voters. Such voters have sent their votes through posts, counting of which will be done manually. Out of 18 lakh service voters, 16.49 have voted for elections 2019.

Opposition’s EVM Complaint

22 opposition parties have raised a request of checking the VVPAT slips randomly one day before voting to check for any discrepancies. Poll body turned down their demand of verification.

They also urged that in case any kind of discrepancy is found then 100% of VVPAT slip should be counted of all polling station of that assembly and should be compared with the EVM results. This was also turned down by Election commission.

This going to be a neck to neck fight between the prominent parties of India BJP and Congress. Where many people are happy with the decisions of Prime minister Modi, others are disappointed with not standing on what BJP promised. It would be really tough for BJP to come back into the position as Congress has not left any chance to grab the opportunity and turn it in their favour.


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