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New Passport Rules in 2018, No Need Of Birth Certificate

Recently, Ministry of external affairs has decided to make some major changes in Indian passports. Passports are the important document which is useful for travel but applying for a passport often trouble as it needs a lot of documents and conditions to fulfill. If you are planning to apply for a passport these changes can be helpful for you. New passport rules in 2018 have minimized the need for the birth certificate as a proof.

New Passport Rules in 2018, No Need Of Birth Certificate

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This decision of Ministry of affairs has relieved us from many regulations which were quite troublesome before. Here are the new passport rules in 2018-

1- Birth certificate are now not necessary for a passport.

Earlier, for issuing a new passport you were required to submit the birth certificate as proof if your birth date is on 26th January 1989 or after. As per the recent changes made by the ministry of external affairs, now applicants are not required to submit the birth certificate as age proof. Instead, following documents can be submitted for new passports-

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Transfer certificate from school or college.
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving license
  • Life insurance policy mentioning which birth date.

2- Passport annexures are reduced

New passport application forms require many annexures to be filled, which takes a lot of time of applicants. Now onwards as per the New passport rules in 2018, some annexures have been eliminated and some are introduced. Out 15 annexes, only 9 annexes would be required to fill. the annexures A, C, D, E, J, and K have been eliminated and some annexures are merged.

3- You can give Single parent name or legal Guardian’s Name

To apply for new passports, applicants were required to give details about their parents. As per new passport rules, if you are applying for the passport you can give one name of parent or can also mention any legal guardian’s name. This rule has made the application process easy for individuals having single parent. Also, for spiritual oriented individuals or saints(Sadhu and Sanyasi) the name of their spiritual leader would be sufficient.

4- Self Attested Annexures

Earlier, passport application form Annexures were required to get Attested from first class judicial magistrate/executive magistrate/Notary. As per the new passport rules in 2018, each annexure will have self declaration form, which you can self attest. This has eliminated the consumption of time in getting papers attested from official authorities.

5- Marriage certificate is not required

To apply for a passport, individuals were required to submit marriage certificate with annexure K and mention the name of spouse. Now onwards,  New passport rules doesn’t require any marriage certificate as proof. Even individuals would not require to mention spouse name.

6- Urgent passports for jobs

If a government employee is unable to obtain his/her identity certificate or NOC from employer for urgent passports, then he/she can give a self declaration. This will state that the employee has given the prior intimation to the employer that he/she is applying for a passport.

7- Post police verification for ordinary passports

For Tatkal passports, applicants enjoy a facility of post police verification. New rules have made this facility available for the ordinary passport applicants too. For ordinary passports, it takes 21 days in police verification and passport issuance. Now, Ordinary passport applicants can get their passports within 1 week and police verification can be done after this.


These were the new passport rules 2018 declared by the ministry of external affairs. These rules will make the passport issue process feasible for the applicants as it has eliminated the time consuming rules. Passport authorities are preparing to introduce more changes in passport applications and design.

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