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Ram Setu is Man-Made As Per A Promo On US TV Channel

In Hindu Mythology, Ram Setu is of utter importance. Till now, it is unbelievable and unproven in scientific terms that lord Ram has made it. Ram setu is a floating stone bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka. Many believers have a belief that it is impossible for a human to make such floating bridge between two countries. On the other hand, many believe that it is actually made by God Ram’s Force and God Hanuman. Recently, In a US TV channel a promo claimed that Ram Setu is man-made. They say that it is not formed naturally, human has made it. Here is what they say about Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge.

As per the Promo text on US TV Channel’s Science Show-

“Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are” 

The show reported with NASA pictures, that between India and Sri Lanka a 60 miles line of stones exists. These stones are on sandbar in shallow water.


Here you can watch the US TV promo on Ram Setu existence, Shared by Science Channel on Twitter-

An archeologist Chelsea Rose says that sand may accumulate between land masses. She explained that the stones found there were 7000 years old, but the Sandbar was 4000 years old. As per this analysis the stones were found to be older than the sandbar hence its man-made and not formed naturally.

Ram Setu is Man-Made As Per A Promo On US TV Channel

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Geologist Alan Lester second this opinion, according to him these stones were brought from distant area and were settled by someone on water.

Opinion of these two experts show that Ram Setu is man-made. However, many still not believe on its construction theory.

Ram-Setu has always been a debate topic, as its construction facts are astonishing. What are your thoughts on Ram-Setu construction?? Is it man-made or natural? Do share your thoughts with us in comments section.


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