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How To Delete Facebook Account-The Ultimate Guide

Today’s biggest social networking site Facebook is losing its user’s trust because of infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal. Millions of users are connected to Facebook, but the breach of security of users data by Facebook has compelled them to delete their Facebook account. If you are also one of them who wants to delete Facebook account, you are at the right place. Here we will tell you how to delete Facebook account permanently.

How To Delete Facebook Account-The Ultimate Guide

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Let’s first talk about how you can get your account offline and consequences of each method.

How to get your Facebook account offline?

If you want to get your Facebook account offline, there are two ways to do it-

1- Deactivate Facebook account

2- Delete Facebook account permanently.


What is meant by Deactivating Facebook account?

If a user choose to deactivate his Facebook account, Facebook will temporarily off his account. On deactivation your Facebook account gets offline temporarily until you reactivate Facebook account again.


What happens when you deactivate your Facebook account?

On deactivating your Facebook account-

1- Your messages will be visible.

2- Facebook will keep your information like friends, interest etc so that it can be restored when you reactivate Facebook account.

3- People will not be able to search your profile on Facebook.

4- You can reactivate your Facebook account anytime.


Delete Facebook account- what does it mean?

If you delete Facebook account, you won’t be able to access it again and will lose all of the data your account had. It will delete Facebook account permanently, and thus will not allow you to reactivate.


What happens when you Delete your Facebook account permanently?

On deleting your Facebook account permanently-

1- Facebook would keep your account on hold for some days. This is called grace period. If you access your account during this grace period, your account deletion request will get cancelled.

2- Once your account gets deleted permanently, you would not be able to access your account again.

3- Facebook keeps your data upto 90 days of its deletion in its backups. Although, your account would not be searchable on Facebook. Your information would also not be able to access.

4- Facebook may keep some of your information in it’s records, ex log records. But the company has claimed that these records will be disassociated with person identifiers.

5- Other information that is not saved in your account like the messages you have sent would still be visible to the recipients.

How to Deactivate Facebook account?

To deactivate your Facebook account you should follow the below mentioned steps-

1- Open Facebook in your browser and log in to your account.

How To Delete Facebook Account? Here Is The Guide

2- Click the account option to get the drop down menu. click settings option from this drop down menu.

How To Delete Facebook Account? Here Is The Guide

3- In settings you will get general tab in left panel. Click it.

How To Delete Facebook Account? Here Is The Guide

4- in general tab, click manage account and then click deactivate option.

How To Delete Facebook Account? Here Is The Guide

5- It will open a page asking you the reason of deactivation of Facebook account. Choose any of the given reasons or you can fill your reason in the text box given. And click deactivate.

4- A pop up will appear for confirming the deactivation. Click deactivate now. This will deactivate your account temporarily.


How to deactivate Facebook account on android phone?

In above mentioned steps we discussed how to deactivate Facebook account on PC. But, what if you are using Facebook on phone. With the following steps we will guide you how to deactivate Facebook account on android phone.

1- Go to your apps list in your android phone. Find Facebook icon and click it.

2- If you are not logged in, then enter your username and password and click login.

3- After logging in, Tap the 3 horizontal lines( more button) on the to right corner of your screen.

4- It will open list of options for you. Under help and settings click Account Settings.

5- In the appeared list of account settings, click General.

6- In General, you will get Deactivate option with account head. Click on it.

7- It will ask your password to verify identity. Enter it. then click continue. It will deactivate your Facebook account.


How to Reactivate Facebook account?

A deactivated Facebook account can be easily reactivated anytime. To reactivate your Facebook account just login to your account and you with be able to access everything like before.


Things to do before deleting Facebook account permanently

Deleting your account is bit serious thing as you would lose all the data plus the social reputation you have earned on internet in professional way. Before deleting your Facebook account you must take some essential steps to ensure complete deletion. Following are the required steps you need to follow before deleting your account-

1- Download all Facebook data

You can download your data before deleting your Facebook account permanently. Some data such as pictures, files etc might be useful for you, so don’t forget to download them before its too late. Although, you can choose individually the pictures you want to save and download them with the option available. The best way would be to download copy of your Facebook data as it will have everything in it and you would not have to spend time in choosing individual pictures. Here are the steps to download copy of your Facebook data-

1-  Open your Facebook account, and click the arrow in top right corner of your account to open menu.

2- Click settings option available in the drop down menu.

3- Under Settings, head to General account settings.

4- Tap Download copy of your Facebook data located under Manage account option.

How To Delete Facebook Account-The Ultimate Guide

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5- Now you will get a green Start my Archive button. Click on it.

6- A pop up will appear, Enter your password in the required field and submit. Now click on Start My archive option.

7- Once it gets ready to download, Facebook will send you an email on your registered email account.

8- Now, open your email received from Facebook and click on the link provided in the mail.

9- It will redirect you to a page, click on the green Download my Archive option. Reenter your Facebook password.

10- Select the location where you want to save all your data and click Save.


With these steps given above you can download copy of all your Facebook data. These data will have your profile info, messages, pictures etc. You can check the data you will get here. 

2- Remove the Facebook linked apps

Before you head on to delete your account, a necessary step you should take is to remove the apps that are linked to your Facebook account. If you don’t want to delete your Facebook account, still you should remove apps that are linked to ensure maximum privacy. These apps are using your profile data. On the other hand, If you delete your account and within 14 days you login to any of these linked apps, your deletion application will get rejected. To avoid this you should first remove this apps. Here is how to remove Facebook linked apps-

1- Open your Facebook account, and click the down arrow to open drop down menu.

2- Tap the settings option, and in the settings page, click Apps.

3- Now, you will get a page showing list of apps connected to your Facebook account. But these are few. Click show all apps in the list option. Now you will get a long list of linked apps.

4- To remove these linked apps, move your mouse on the apps, you will get X option, click on it.

5- A pop-up will appear, click remove.

6- Refresh and repeat the above steps to remove all Facebook linked apps.


How to delete Facebook account permanently

If you are sure that you don’t need your Facebook account anymore, and have completed all the essential steps. Then follow these steps to delete your Facebook account permanently-

1- Click here to delete your Facebook account

How To Delete Facebook Account-The Ultimate Guide

Image source: Mashable

2- It will take you to account deletion page. Click Delete my account button.

3- A pop-up will appear, enter your Facebook account password and the Captcha. Click okay.

4- You will get another Pop-up stating that your account will get deleted after 14 days. Click okay to confirm.

Now, do not login during the 14 days grace period to permanently delete your Facebook account.


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