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Time To Say GoodBye To Yahoo Messenger, Users Will Be Redirected To Squirrel App

The First Messaging App, Yahoo messenger is soon to be shut down by the Company. The Company has now decided to close its Yahoo messengers on 17th July 2018. Yahoo messenger was first launched on 8th March 1998 as Yahoo Pager. The name was then changed to Yahoo messenger.  The company decided to focus on its strength and thus stopped its previous version on August 2016, and Launched new version thereafter.

Time To Say GoodBye To Yahoo Messenger, Users Will Be Redirected To Squirrel App

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Yahoo messenger was the first application that was based on real time platform. Yahoo messenger allows you to send messages and images, enabling real time communication. Right now, we have many applications that are following Yahoo and have grabbed the market, for example WhatsApp, hangout etc. Thus, Yahoo messenger is now not more have importance which it had in earlier times. The company apparently took such decision because of this reason. Yahoo company was recently sold to Verizon in $4.8 millions. The new owners are now planning to reintroduce it with new plans, and thus closing its unprofitable lines.

Existing users of Yahoo messenger will be redirected to Squirrel App

If you are using Yahoo messenger, then don’t worry. Company has decided to redirect its existing users of Yahoo Messenger to a new service Squirrel App. This App is on Beta testing currently, so only beta version will be available of the Squirrel App. The company has been testing this service from last month. The users of Yahoo messenger will have to request for beta version of Squirrel app.

Your Yahoo Id will remain Valid

All existing Yahoo user Id will remain valid for all other Yahoo Products like Yahoo Mail etc.

Yahoo Messenger Users can download Chat history

Yahoo had given an option of downloading Chat History to all of it existing users. All users of Yahoo Messenger can download their Chat history for next Six months.

How to Download Chat History of Yahoo Messenger

You can download your chat history of Yahoo messenger for next six months. Here are the steps you need to follow to download chat history of Yahoo messenger –

1- Go to Downloader request site. Now, you will need to sign in on it.

2- Click Download link and enter your email Id, where you want to send your chat history.

3- It will send an email with your chat history. Go and check your email.

4- Yahoo company has advised users to delete the Yahoo messenger app after downloading your chat data.

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