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WhatsApp to Change Again its Delete For Everyone Feature With ‘Block Revoke Request’

Whatsapp has recently  introduced many new features to ease its users including WhatsApp payment and Delete for everyone feature. Earlier this feature was available for 7 minutes for users after sending a message. The feature allowed to delete the sent message from your WhatsApp account for both receiver and sender within 7 minutes. Last week, whatsapp changed this feature by extending these 7 minutes to 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds. Now WhatsApp is planning to introduce ‘Block Revoke Request’ feature.

WhatsApp to Change Again its Delete For Everyone Feature With 'Block Revoke Request'

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WhatsApp took this decision to stop misuse of the Delete For everyone feature. Company noticed that after this feature users are deleting the 3 years old messages using the unauthorized WhatsApp versions, hence to stop this WhatsApp may soon introduce the new change.

A twitter handle Wabetainfo who tracks the WhatsApp updates in beta tweeted that-

“WhatsApp silently adds some protections to block invalid revoke requests, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users!”

As per the report, WhatsApp will make a change in the algorithm. WhatsApp sends a message of same id stating the message has been deleted, to the recipient, when you delete any message under delete for everyone feature. WhatsApp algorithms check that the same id message is present or not.

Now, to stop the authorised practices WhatsApp will introduce ‘Block Revoke Request‘ feature. Under this feature WhatsApp will send a message of same Id stating that the sender wants to revoke the message. And its algorithm will check the time between the message sent and current date. If it is less than 24 hours, WhatsApp will delete the message. Another thing that WhatsApp has implemented is time frame of 24 hours. If the recipient’s phone is off, and remains switched off for 24 hours the request of message revoke will be considered invalid. This time frame has been set to ensure that recipient receives the revoke message. This will help the company to keep a watch on user’s activities that they are using delete for everyone feature for the current messages only.

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