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Welcome Lord Ganesh At Home and Bring Good luck!!!

A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all our readers. Nationwide everyone is busy in preparations to welcome Lord Ganesh at their homes. From 13th September Lord Ganesha’s Festival will start.. Here we are sharing some information about Ganesh Festival.


Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival which is celebrated all over India. It is believed that bringing Lord Ganesh at home will bring you prosperity and happiness removing all hurdles of life.


Why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi –

Welcome Lord Ganesh At Home and Bring Good luck!!!

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha was born at Shukla paksha of Bhadrapada Month of Hindu Panchang. We celebrate Lord Ganesha’s Birthday as Ganesh Chaturthi.


Lord Ganesh is considered to be lord of wisdom, prosperity and Fortune. It is being said that celebrating these 10 days can change one’s situations from worst to best. This festival of ganesh chaturthi symbolizes that happiness and sadness are part of life. It’s a cycle,as nothing will last forever.


Ganesh’s vehicle is mouse. Mouse is symbol of problems in life, as lord ganesha controls mouse, hence it is believed that he will control all our problems as well.


God Ganesha’s big stomach is also considered as lord Kuber’s ( god of wealth) stomach. People worship him for prosperity.


Ganesha’s head is in the form of elephant head, that’s why people believe that lord Ganesh will fight all the evils. Farmers also worship him for good rain.


Why we should not see moon this night-

Welcome Lord Ganesh At Home and Bring Good luck!!!

As per Hindu mythology, God Ganesha once cursed Moon that whoever would see him this day would get into a trouble also known as mithya Dosham or Mithya Kalank. Therefore, there is a belief that moonsight can cause accusation of stealing hence should be avoided.


How to welcome Lord Ganesha at Home at this Ganesh Chaturthi-

Welcome Lord Ganesh At Home and Bring Good luck!!!

If you also want to welcome Lord Ganesha, we will tell you how you can. Bring an idol of lord ganesha at home ( please bring eco friendly ganesh or make one at home). Place the idol at a clean place at prescribed muhurat.  Also place a kalash in front of Ganesh Idol. Worship daily with all the necessary things like kumkum, turmeric, rice, flowers etc. Make lord ganesha’s dearest sweets laddoo or Modak for him to make him happy. And pray pure heart.  At 11th day, Ganesh idol is immersed in water ( Ganesh Visarjan) with proper holy rituals. In Maharashtra, people celebrate it for 3 days and immerse the ganesh idol at 3rd day. Its a big festival in Maharashtra, and celebrated in a big way.


Lord Ganesh Mantra-

“Om Gan Ganpataye Namah”


This way you can also bring good luck to your home with lord Ganesh. We hope lord Ganesh will bless you with a joyful life.

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