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Blood Moon: Century Longest Lunar Eclipse To Take Place On 27-28th Of July

Soon, we are going to experience an extraordinary phenomenon. Century Longest Lunar Eclipse will occur this month. Let’s know more about it.

What is Lunar eclipse?

When the moon directly passes behind the earth and at the earth’s shadow this phenomenon is called lunar eclipse, this happens when moon , earth, sun are aligned and are close to each other.

Blood Moon: Century Longest Lunar Eclipse To Take Place On 27-28th Of July

Image Source: Indian express

Facts of Lunar eclipse

  1. This lunar eclipse will be the longest of the century with duration of 1 hr. 43 min
  2. This lunar eclipse will be visible from all the part of the worlds
  3. 16 july 2000 experienced the longest lunar eclipse till now with the total time of 1 hr. 46min

Blood moon: Lunar eclipse in July 2018

Ministry of earth sciences has declared that the longest lunar eclipse will be witnessed on the 28-27 July, It is indeed an fortune for all the Indians that they can witness this longest lunar eclipse from any part of the world.

Along with this the ministry also declared that the partial eclipse of the moon will begin at 11:54 pm according to the Indian standard timing’s. The moon will gradually covered by the earth’s shadow and the totality phase will begin at 1 am on 28th of July. Then the moon will start to gradually come out of earth’s shadow and partial eclipse will end at 3:49 am.

The ministry also shared details of other celestial phenomena where mars and sun will lie opposite each other on July 27th , while the earth would at the centre position of the both . Due to these phenomena the mars will tend to come close to earth hence it will appear brighter that it appears normally

This brighter appeared mars will remain very close to the eclipsed moon in the sky on 27-28 July and this beautiful phenomena can be enjoyed by the people across the world by the naked eyes

This celestial phenomenon is indeed a treat for the people who are interested in space studies and who are keen about the planetary moment’s happening in the space. This is an important and intrigued event for the all the astrophysics and people interested in this field, this is an interesting moment for all people in the world.

This lunar eclipse can be watched to its full extent from the earth’s  eastern hemisphere , hence south America can only witness the final stages of eclipse just after sunset on 27 July and new Zealand will be able to watch the beginning stages of eclipse before sunrise of 28 July 2018.

The main reason for this long lasting lunar eclipse is the position of the moon, the moon has to pass through the central part of earth’s shadow and this will be happening for this long lasting lunar eclipse. Don’t forget to watch this exceptional event of Blood moon.

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