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Thai Cave Rescue: 12 Boys And Coach Rescued From Tham Luang

A football team of 12 boys along with their coach gone for a cave diving in the cave of northern Thailand and unfortunately got trapped in the cave . The boys were aged between 11 to 16 , they all were having zero scuba diving experience. All the footballers survived in that cave in intense for around nine nights. Thai Cave Rescue: 12 Boys And Coach Rescued From Tham Luang with intense planning , cooperation and efforts of rescue team which took place for about 72 hours.

Thai Cave Rescue: 12 Boys And Coach Rescued From Tham Luang source:Indian Express

The people in Thailand were praying for the safety of complete  team  and  they  were  very  anxiously  waiting  for the news of boys fate. unfortunately  a  former military driver dived while he was on the mission of rescuing the boys out the cave because he was running out of the oxygen. while  the  rescue process the boys had to undergo something that they have not done before , they had to perform cave diving which they had not done before, it was very difficult for them  to  perform the task told to them by the rescue team, The rescue team where consisting 13 drivers which were highly experienced and trained, each boy was accompanied by two adult each, while others were stationed at the junction along the way

The boys were made to wear the masks,  head gears for the safety purpose. The boys were tied to the driver of rescue team who was carrying the oxygen cylinder along with them, the path back was very narrow  which was more than two kilometres, they were guided by the torches and guide ropes through dark corridors each round made to rescue the boys was about 10 hours long.

    Experts were concerned regarding the safety of the boys, they were worried by the fact that the boys could undergo the panic attacks, triggering an underwater accidents. The minor does of tranquilizer to keep all the boys strong because they had to go through the intense situation and terrifying conditions of swimming to get the freedom. All the boys were given the jabs for rabies and tetanus  among  all the boys two of them showed up the symptoms of pneumonia. The doctors gave the sigh of relief when they announced the good physical and mental health of all the boys after successful rescue mission. All the 12 boys experienced the thriller moment until they were  trapped in the cave, the boys finally won the fight towards all the crucial  circumstances and achieved the freedom. The brave efforts made by all the drivers of rescue  team  was  commendable and they are saluted for risking their lives and saving the lives of all the boys. All the boys also showed the braveness in the whole process carried by rescue team and made the rescue mission the successful one .

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